Centroflora Group reinforces investments in pharmaceutical divison


With sale of nutraceutical division to Givaudan, company announces investments of up to R$ 75 million in pharmaceutical division

Botucatu, 20 of September of 2017 – Centroflora Group, major Brazilian producer of pharmaceutical inputs from natural origin, announced this morning the sale of the nutraceuticals division to the Swiss company Givaudan, global leader in the production of flavors and fragrances.

The agreement is expected to be closed by early 2018. This negotiation reinforces the strategy defined by Centroflora Group to consolidate its activities in the pharmaceutical division, including investments of approximately R$ 75 million for the establishment of a research and development center in Campinas, still in 2017, and for the construction of a new manufacturing facility in the next three years.

“Centroflora Group has been implementing practices and activities to strengthen our operations in the pharmaceutical sector. The capital from the transaction will foster the consolidation of activities in our core business”, said Peter Andersen, president of Centroflora Group. “Furthermore, Givaudan shares with us the same values regarding innovation, sociobiodiversity and sustainable development and, therefore, we believe that the transition will occur in a consistent manner”, he concludes.

The sales agreement foresees the deal to be closed in the first months of 2018. After this period, the two companies will share the botanical extracts unit in Botucatu (SP), where currently are manufactured natural ingredients for the nutrition and pharmaceutical segments, for a period of up to five years. The Group’s R&D initiatives will be transferred to Campinas before the closing of the deal with Givaudan, ensuring 100% the protection of all intellectual property of Centroflora and its partners. The Research area will be represented by the Radical Innovation company Phytobios and the Development area will be represented by Centroflora’s Technical and Scientific Pharma area.  


FOCUS ON PHARMACEUTICALS – In 2014, Centroflora Group established a joint venture with the German company CMS Pharma – specialized in the production and commercialization of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) – creating Centroflora CMS. The company acquired from Boehringer Ingelheim the production technology and exclusive rights for the distribution of a group of APIs and already has a portfolio of eight molecules commercialized to more than 100 companies globally. In the same period, Centroflora began the adaptation of the pharmachemical unit in Piaui for the production of APIs and commercialization to the national and international markets.

Still in 2014, the Group, through the Radical Innovation company Phytobios, established an important partnership with the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LnBio), which is part of the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), for the creation of a Brazilian Biodiversity Drug Discovery platform. The platform has an exclusive library collected throughout the years in different Brazilian biomes and is considered one of the most modern in the world. The integration of important partners from the pharmaceutical sector to the platform motivated the creation of a high performance RD&I (Research, Development and Innovation) center in Campinas, close to the platform, in order to further enhance interaction with clients


About Centroflora Group

Centroflora Group has been operating for 60 years in the development and commercialization of botanical extracts for the health, nutrition and personal care industries. The company is the major Brazilian producer of pharmaceutical inputs from natural origin and exports to over 70 countries. It offers a wide variety of plant extracts from various regions of the world, with a particular focus on those from the Brazilian biodiversity. In its four manufacturing units, the company employs about 260 people and reaffirms its commitment to sustainability through the Partnerships for a Better World program, which was designed to integrate consumers and rural communities through the promotion of organic family farming and sustainable harvesting of herbs, contributing to biodiversity conservation, ethical biotrade and a better quality of life. Centroflora Group (http://centroflora.com.br/en) also promotes social responsibility through the Floravida Institute (http://floravida.org.br/english), which develops socio-environmental education initiatives cutting across health, environment and local development.


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