Centroflora has in its portfolio dozens of plant species, which are processed, within the strictest national and international manufacturing standards, in extracts, essential oils and isolated active pharmaceutical ingredients.

We also offer technical solutions in the regulatory, pharmacotechnical and processing of natural products for the pharmaceutical industry.

Vegetable Extracts

Centroflora supplies a series of standardized plant extracts, produced according to the highest quality standards following good manufacturing practices. We have dozens of plant species in our portfolio and technologies that allow the production of extracts that best suit our customers’ needs.


Centroflora has isolated active ingredients in its portfolio, with emphasis on Pilocarpine.

The pilocarpine alkaloid isolated from jaborandi has proven pharmacological actions and is used in the treatment of glaucoma, a prevalent ocular neurodegenerative disease, caused by increased intraocular pressure and the subsequent death of retinal ganglion cells, leading to visual field loss. Pilocarpine has also been used to treat xerostomia (dry mouth), a condition caused by radiation therapy or chemotherapy in head and neck cancers.

New pharmaceutical uses for the treatment of presbyopia and hyperhidrosis are in advanced stages of clinical studies. Due to the history of intense harvesting of leaves for commercialization, environmental agencies began to control and organize the extractivism of jaborandi. The expansion of the number of cultivated areas and the creation of natural reserves to preserve genetic diversity and population viability has the capacity to maintain this activity and protect the species of the Pilocarpus genus from threats.

Service Provision

– Support in the suitability of plant extracts for regulatory purposes

– Pharmacotechnical application laboratory for plant extracts

– Writing monographs for registration by traditionality

– Drying services

– Development of pharmaceutical grade essential oil

– Synthesis outsourcing