At Centroflora Group, our essence is to produce health and well-being.
To develop each product, we aggregate services with high quality and safety standards.

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Through the complete structure of our production units in Parnaíba-PI.


Reactors and tanks of different volumes
Multiple technologies for the separation of solids, purification and concentration of extracts
Heating and cooling equipment
Spray drying

Excellence throughout the entire process

Agile production and delivery for national and international companies


Centroflora Group has innovation and sustainability as key elements in the conduction of its business, seeking to grow and be competitive through the development of new or modified products, services, processes and innovative businesses. Based on the social, environmental and economic dimensions, the Company seeks to value Brazilian biodiversity and its conservation, while staying connected with the advances in science and technology.
In order to ensure competitive and continuous growth, strategic pillars for technological and sustainable development of the company were identified, leading to innovation in the establishment of vertically integrated production chains and modernization of manufacturing plants, seeking process efficiency and value added in the creation of differentiated botanical extracts with assured quality safety and efficacy. This is possible through a network of partners, such as internationally renowned universities and government development agencies focused on innovation, besides from participation in the Business Mobilization for Innovation (Movimento Empresarial pela Inovação – MEI) and ANPEI.
Beyond searching for excellence in its extracts, Centroflora Group also offers support to its partners in the context of intellectual property and access to genetic resources and benefit sharing potentially arising from the process of research, development and innovation.
The company’s innovation strategy is integrated between Phytobios and Centroflora Group, according to the profile of the demanded research. The competencies of the two companies are complementary and span from incremental to radical innovation. We have worked hard to strengthen the teams in the duties and promote mutual support in the development of strategic partnerships with customers, universities, governmental agencies, among others.

Bioprospection in Brazilian biomes;

Library of innovative extracts from brazilian biodiversity;

Pre-clinical and clinical research on herbal drugs;

Preparation of dossiers for registration of herbal drugs;

Licensing of proprietary technologies.

Development of proprietary extracts for pilot and industrial scales;

Research, development and innovation in production chains;

New extraction technologies;

New agricultural technologies;

Partnerships and support for clients in R&D, access to genetic resources and registration of new products.

In 2014, Centroflora Group, through the radical innovation company Phytobios, established an important partnership with the Biosciences National Laboratory (LNBio), which is part of the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), for the creation of a Drug Discovery platform from Brazilian biodiversity. The platform includes an exclusive library collected throughout the years in different Brazilian biomes and is considered one of the most modern in the world.
The entrance of important partners from the pharmaceutical sector motivated the creation of a high performance RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) center in Campinas, close to the platform, in order to potentialize interaction with clients. The RDI center will be inaugurated in 2018.

InovaFito Project

Through this project, we worked with our clients to present new opportunities for registration and renewal of herbal drugs based on the Brazilian law. In 2015, we developed a new portfolio with the products included in ANVISA’s normative instruction, adjusting chemical markers, methods and ranges. Six dossiers were sent for registration. The company is also about to finish its first proprietary clinical development from Brazilian biodiversity.

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