Innovating is what
drives us

At its CentrofloraINOVA plant, Centroflora Group offers all the technology to bring Innovation in Active Plant Pharmaceuticals Ingredients to the market. From bench to pilot scale in GMP, it offers DOE (Design of Experiment), analytical development, extraction, concentration and drying technology services. CentrofloraNOVA also has a pharmacotechnical application laboratory offering support to partners and customers in the technological development of herbal medicines.

InovafitoBrasil Platform

The INOVAFITOBRASIL Platform is entering the prototype phase and is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2022. The Platform was designed to connect projects and investors, within the levels of technological maturity.

InovafitoBrasil also has a roadmap for the development of herbal medicines in line with regulatory deliveries for registration with ANVISA and international agencies. This platform aims to value ongoing research projects in the country and associated traditional knowledge as a source of innovation for new medicines.

Radical Innovation
Brazilian Biomes

At the most radical end, the Group’s innovation initiatives led to the construction of a library of extracts and fractions from Brazilian diversity in partnership with CNPEM, in order to identify new molecules for diseases that have no cure. The project was named MPH (Brazilian Biodiversity Molecular Powerhouse) and currently has Aché Laboratory as a partner. Samples have been collected in four Brazilian biomes (Caatinga, Amazon, Atlantic Forest and Cerrado), generating a library with more than 6,000 fractions, which have been studied with cutting edge technology in one of the most modern particle accelerators in the world, SIRIUS, from CNPEM – MCTI.